Three Cairns Climate Fellowship Successfully Closes Third Fellowship Class

The Three Cairns Climate Fellowship at Columbia Business School awarded fellowships to its third class of 29 MBA and EMBA students, doubling in size from last year’s cohort. Working in teams ranging in size from one to four students, they collectively completed eleven projects at the intersection of climate change and business during the 2019–2020 academic year.

In the spring 2018 semester, the fellowship was launched and endowed by Lise Strickler ’86 and Mark Gallogly ’86 with the objective to align with the core commitment of their recently established family office, Three Cairns Group: making investments in decarbonizing the world economy.

The fellowship provides support to MBA and EMBA students who complete semester- or year-long projects. Students may apply individually or in teams for projects that work with Columbia research faculty, or any type of organization or business in the United States or abroad that is addressing sustainability and climate change issues. Projects focus on using markets and business knowledge, skills, and tools to identify and implement solutions to mitigate, adapt to, or reverse climate change and its impacts.

Listed alphabetically below, the following Three Cairns Climate Fellows were selected for the 2019–2020 academic year through an application process:

Closed Loop Partners: The Business Case for Circular Economic Model and Sustainability within the Fashion Business
Team members: Hani Tohme ’21, Giovanna Vera ’21, Sihe Zhai ’21

Cloverly: Carbon Offsets in E-commerce and Beyond
Team members: Adam Klestadt ’20 and Jake Van Namen ’20

Energy Peace Partners: REC Market in Sub-Saharan Africa
Team members: Adam Chang ’20, Rishi Iyengar ’21, Shivam Salhotra ’20

Enhanced Capital: Financing Community Solar Energy in Opportunity Zones
Team members: David Huxley-Cohen ’21, Nathan Kenney ’21, Mercedes Li ’21, Michelle Ye ’21

Lightsmith Group - Africa: Climate Resilience and Adaptation in Africa
Team members: Christopher Lee  ’21 and Patrick O'Kain ’21

Lightsmith Group - Asia: Climate Resilience and Adaptation in Asia
Team members: Sean Fleming ’21, Andrew Lee ’21, Lizzie Merrill ’21, Ameya Sapre ’21

Lightsmith Group - Latin America: Climate Resilience and Adaptation in Latin America
Team members: Darren Chu ’21 and Matson Conrad ’21

Merton Capital Partners: Addressing Water Scarcity at Scale
Team members: Siwol Chang ’20 and Torey Shepardson ’20

MicroTerra: Funding Growth and Business Model Expansion
Team members: Adam Gravitt ’20

Neek Capital: Carne del Monte
Team members: Juan Castano ’20 and Marissa Rodriguez ’20

Princeville Capital: Climate Positive® Investing Methodology
Team members: Nishant Panigrahi ’21, Yu Tian ’21, Laura Tulchin ’21, Kyle Wetzold ’20

Learn more about the Three Cairns Climate Fellows and their projects here.

Read more about the Three Cairns Climate Fellowship, including the student and client application forms here.

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