The Impact Investing Revolution: Reshaping Capitalism to Drive Real Change With Sir Ronald Cohen

On the first episode of our Capital for Good podcast, host Georgia Levenson Keohane speaks with Sir Ronald Cohen, chairman of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment and the Portland Trust; co-founder and director of Social Finance UK, USA, and Israel; and co-founder and chair of Bridges Fund Management and Big Society Capital. His latest book, Impact: Reshaping Capitalism to Drive Real Change, examines the many ways impact investing can help us achieve more just, inclusive, and broad-based prosperity. Given the health, economic, social, and environmental challenges we are living through, this book couldn’t be more timely.

In this conversation, we explore the early days of impact investing, including social impact bonds and outcomes-based financing — and its evolution and growth over time. We look at very innovative and mission-driven companies addressing challenges in health, financial inclusion, and other areas, and discuss how new ways to measure risk, return and impact, specifically impact weighted accounts, can help us properly value the true impact — positive and negative — of all companies, and therefore drive real change across the capital markets and across our economy and society.

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