Leadership, Inclusive Growth, and the Future of New York City With Dan Doctoroff

On this episode of the Capital for Good podcast, host Georgia Levenson Keohane speaks with Dan Doctoroff, chairman and CEO of Sidewalk Labs, and one of the country’s great civic leaders and visionaries

In this conversation, Doctoroff explores “crisis as catalyst,” how New York’s leaders re-imagined and rebuilt the city in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks with strong management and execution, resourceful innovation (“doing more with less”), and a belief that “the impossible is possible.” He explains that these elements are essential for recovery today, along with a commitment to “inclusive growth.” Accordingly, we explore some of the projects and innovations that Doctoroff is pursuing at Sidewalk Labs, including those that promote more sustainable, affordable, and accessible mobility; energy efficiency; housing design and fabrication; and health care, to name a few. We also discuss the critical issue of trust, such how to earn the trust of historically marginalized communities that commitments to inclusive growth are real, and how to regain the public’s trust that companies can develop and manage technologies responsibly. Doctoroff shares his hope and optimism that, with strong leadership, New York City will emerge stronger from this crisis, precisely because hope and optimism are in New Yorkers’ DNA.

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