JUST Capital: Can Companies Deliver on the Promise of Stakeholder Capitalism? With Martin Whittaker

On this episode of the Capital for Good podcast, host Georgia Levenson Keohane speaks with Martin Whittaker, the founding CEO of JUST Capital, who describes his own career in sustainable business and investing.

They discuss developments in the last several years, vastly accelerated by the COVID-19 health, economic, and racial crises, which have elevated the “S” in “ESG,” shining a spotlight on social concerns — issues of worker health and well-being, diversity, equity, inclusion, racial justice — alongside calls for action on the “E” of environmental sustainability and climate change. Whittaker notes that companies have seen that “silence is not really an option” on a range of social and environmental issues. Accordingly, JUST Capital, which has historically relied on “data, measurement, metrics, rankings, etc.” to influence corporate behavior, now finds these tools “necessary, but not sufficient” and is partnering more closely with companies — “playing an inside game” — to help them become more responsive to the needs and values of the American people.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts: bit.ly/KforGood

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