Policy, the Private Sector, and the Promise of a More Inclusive Economy With Heather Higginbottom

On this episode of the Capital for Good podcast, host Georgia Levenson Keohane speaks with Heather Higginbottom, the president of the JPMorgan Chase PolicyCenter. Higginbottom has served at the highest levels of government in the State Department, the White House, and Capitol Hill and is one of the country’s leading experts on a range of domestic, economic, foreign, and budget policy issues. 

Higginbottom explains how the PolicyCenter allows JPMorgan Chase to work on a variety of issues related to a more inclusive economy, drawing on the firm’s expertise, experience, and resources — its unique insights, perspectives, learnings, and assets — including original research through the JPMorgan Chase Institute and its global philanthropy and business and investment expertise. These include a number of areas the firm has focused on historically, including neighborhood development (i.e., affordable housing), jobs and skills, small business and access to capital, and significant new commitments related to inclusive growth, including its recent $30 billion commitment to advance racial equity, reduce systemic racism, and help close the racial wealth divide. Using the example of the PolicyCenter’s Second Chance initiative, an effort to reduce barriers to employment for people with criminal records, Higginbottom describes how JPMorgan Chase works on these issues within the firm — and with partners like the Business Roundtable and others at the industry level, including, in this case, the recently launched Second Chance Business Coalition.

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