Alumni Edge: The Columbia Business School (CBS) Lifelong Learning Annuity

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get”, is an often-repeated quote from eminent CBS alum Warren Buffet.  He of course is referring to the financial markets and derives this notion from Columbia University luminaries Benjamin Graham and David Dodd who famously pioneered the idea of Value Investing through an extension of their seminal publication “Security Analysis” in 1934.   However, this idea of providing purposeful value is also especially relevant to graduate business education today as disruption in higher education is challenging the marketplace.  


Though CBS continues to enjoy its position as one of the elite graduate business programs in the world, Dean Costis Maglaras sees changing educational paradigms as an opportunity.  As such, one of his first initiatives as Dean was the creation of a lifelong learning platform named Alumni Edge.  Accessible only by CBS alumni, participants engage with renown faculty lectures, a course facilitator, and other alumni participants.  This initiative is devoted to the lifelong learning, professional relevancy, and intellectual vitality of all CBS degree program graduates and is intended to offer highly curated content and experiences to keep CBS alums up to date with their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.  Overtime, Alumni Edge will expand into in person learning, alumni gatherings, immersive learning experiences and group trips.


Graduate business education especially at elite research and teaching centered institutions such as CBS are a powerful global warehouse of knowledge capital dedicated to solving complex business problems.  The idea of Value Investing and other industry leading ideas such as inventive thinking, predictive big data analytics, brand management, measuring Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) through financial statements, and enhancing shareholder value through an embrace of diversity are just a few examples of the intellectual inventory of the CBS warehouse.  As such, CBS is ideally situated to be a lifelong partner of lifelong learning to its alumni community.  


As Alumni Edge evolves and grows, CBS believes that part of the “value you get” from a CBS degree bearing program will be in the form of a lifelong learning annuity.  Overtime, CBS is confident that not only will Alumni Edge positively impact its alumni community, but just as importantly, will be a factor for prospective students to discount the absolute and the relative value of a CBS degree.

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